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If I Am Through Learning, I Am Through-John Wooden

  Next Denver program
is   Aug 20 + 21, 2021



  Answer this question for yourself:  "How Big Would You Dream If You Knew
                                    You Couldn't Fail?"

In existence since 1982, this program is a 2 day metaphysical journey through your life.  In it, we use SuperLearning techniques.


Learn about 3 mental paradigms: cybernetic, real brain research, and a bonus 3rd paradigm.

Learn about 2 models of goal setting: the "head" and the "heart"

Learn 56 time management skills: as if this isn't enough, learn about a real person who lived to be 152 years of age.

Learn 15 key resources that you can use anywhere, any time to advance  yoiur life

Learn 10 people skills that will help you to interact more effectively with anyone that you encounter, especially attorneys and creditors: lol

Program Tuition is $999 per person.  


In the program, we will share a dynamic, hands-on written goal setting paradigm.

This exercise alone with recapture your tuition investment.

Program format includes lecturettes, small group discussion, and written  exercises.


People have commuted from as far away as Steamboat Springs, Ft. Collins, and Colorado Springs to participate in the 6 week evening program!  One person (who was previously the national sales manager for a furniture company) recognized Matt at a networking event, 27 years after this program!



Participants from previous programs  have stated that they have benefited in many ways including:

  • Quicker Career Advancement
  • Better Personal and Work Relationships
  • Better Understanding of Life Planning
  • Increased Income
  • More Impactful Sales
  • Healthier Lifestyle
  • More Control of Their Thoughts and Feelings
  • Better Understanding of Financial Issues
  • Felt Happier Than They Ever Have Been
  • Enjoyed More Self-Confidence
  • Enjoyed More Love in Their Lives
  • Developed A Written Goal Plan for Themselves

This program is offered nationally in public weekend format and is  also available in-house for sales groups, entrepreneurs, MLM groups.....

 For additional information on The Achieve More Now  program, call Dr. Matt Motchkavitz, program author and lead trainer.  
Special 2 Day Program Aug 20 + 21, 2021   [Fri/Sat]   Boulder location
This program is live. 
On Line Registration:  


Better than 5G, a divorce, DUI.......