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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time.......


When Dr. Matt first started training, he came across a 23 year old woman.  She was a single parent, recovering alcoholic and had been in real estate for 6 months....and was ready to quit.
She attended the early version of what is now the "Achieve More Now" training program.  As she progressed over the six weekly sessions, she became the number one agent in her office, then the number one agent in her company.  Two years later, she became one of the top 5 RE/MAX agents in the world!

Shortly after that, Dr. Matt met a lifelong friend at a Farmers Insurance regional rally.  He was shattered emotionally after a divorce.  He used to send tickets to his former spouse so that she would send their daughter over to Denver for a visitation.  When Dennis showed up at the airport, his daughter wasn't there!  The former spouse had cashed the tickets...Dennis attended the "Achieve More Now" program and changed his entire life.  Became one of the top Farmers agents in the metro Denver area, built a dynamic agency, and is happily remarried.

While sharing a 2 hour program program in Vail (during ski season),  Dr. Matt encountered a dynamo named "Mr. G".  He took Matt up on his offer to share a 2-3 hour program for free (if the contracting organization paid expenses).  After the first training program in which Mr. G. put 100 of his best clients through the "Strategic Achievement" training program, Mr. G then brought Matt back to the Washington D.C. area 13 more times to share one day training programs.

Dr. Matt used to travel with a one day training program entitled "Managing Multiple Demands" all over the US and Canada.  Typical work week: Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto.  Outstanding evaluations and trained individuals from all walks of life: CEO, line employee, free enterprise, government.....

And people wonder if Dr. Matt is any good?????????  Have him speak to your audience, company, organization.  Bring one of our 9 one day training programs to your company, organization, non-profit, government agency, MLM group: and watch the dynamic results unfold!