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If I Am Through Learning, I Am Through-John Wooden

Need a coach?
Based on 40+ of Speaking/Training/Life Experience

Dr. Matt was trained as a therapist.  Ph.D. in Counseling from the University of Colorado.  While there he did a 3 year internship in the University of Colorado Counseling Services: testing/evaluation, career advising and evaluation, one on one sessions.
Just before completing his Ph.D., Matt experienced a 3 day personal development program that changed his life forever.  He was led into speaking/training in 1979.
He has shared one speech over 1,300 times.
He is the author of 9 one day training programs, each 5.5 hours.
He is the author of a 2 day "no limits" program.
He is the author of several DVDs.

     What personal development concerns do you have?
     Personal Goal Setting?

    Time Management?

2)  SALES 
      Matt sells full-time: public speaking/training (40 + years)  and
      real estate (27+ years)
      Prospecting More Effectively?
      Closing More Effectively?
      Getting Organized?
      Follow up?
      Getting Yourself Out of A Slump?
      Special Concerns?

     How to Get Started
     How to Generate More Engagements
     How to Create Product
     How to Create Training Programs

     Matt has over 27+ years of residential experience.  He is licensed in
     CO, was licensed in  CA, and is presently getting licensed in TX.
     He is reactivating his CRS, ABR, and GRI designations, held by less than
     1% of residential Brokers.
    How to Get Started
    How to Be Effectively: Buyers and Sellers
    How to Generate Leads: Traditional and Technology
    How to Get Organized and Stay Organized

Fees:  $2,000 per month, 3 month minimum.  Paid in advance each month.
           Consists of 3 monthly phone sessions.

To book Dr. Matt:   call 720-229-7484