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"15 Key Strategies for Personal Goal Setting"

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 Our presenter, Dr. Matt Motchkavitz, earned a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  While there, worked for 3 years in the University Counseling Center.  During his professional training, he never once took a personal goal setting training class or program.  It wasn't until that he experienced his first personal development program that he finally experienced a paradigm on "how to" write goals.
  Matt went on (in 1983) to create a tangible 3 hour goal setting program entitled "Setting Goals for Success".  This program is available as a separate product.

In this presentation, Matt will be sharing some of the most important insights he has learned related to personal goal setting.  He will also be modeling a written goal setting paradigm that he personally created and has shared with thousands of individuals from all walks of life.

Who Would Benefit from This Presentation: personal goal setters, insurance agents,
MLM professionals, parents leading their children to a better future