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If I Am Through Learning, I Am Through-John Wooden
$449 Opportunity






For $449 we are offering you:






1)  Enrollments in  3 Of Our Dynamic One Day Training Programs (Normally
    $169 each or $507 at retail)
     a)  Conflict Resolution
     b)  Exceptional Customer Service
     c)  Fire Up Your Real Estate Career

     d)  Overcoming Overload
     e)  Selling More Effectively
     f))  Strategic Achievement
     g)  Stress Management
      h) Team Building for Results
      i)  Total Time Mastery


2)  2 enrollments in our "Winning Strategies....." programs [$99 each]

That is $507 + $198 =   $705 ............. for $449?

What is the catch?  There is none.  We are experiencing Company Madness. 
Our team member above gave us this suggestion. 

Why would enrolling be important for you?  If his program is
offered on  your
local PBS station, watch Dr. Daniel Amen
describe the importance of lifelong
learning  as a
preventive strategy to inhibit Alzheimer's disease.

This is a unique opportunity to learn a great deal....at a tremendous discount.   No national seminar company makes an offer like this.


You will be attending dynamic one day training programs for basically half price!  If you are paying more than $99 for a one day training program, you are overpaying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enroll today!!!!!!!!!

To register online:  www.449membership.ezregister.com