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10 ways to Fire Up Your Real Estate Career

10 Ways to Fire Up Your Real Estate Career
Special Grand Junction Program

September 6  [Thursday]

noon- 2 p.m. 


This program was created by a Colorado residential broker with 26+ years of experience.  There is no hype in this program.  Just concrete strategy and insight.  it is educational and inspirational.



1)  Key Elements of A Real Estate Career
2)  Working With Your Emotions
3)  Putting More Passion Into Your Life
4)  Understanding Realtor Time
5)  Business Planning Strategies
6)  Increasing Your Seller Inventory
7)  Increasing Your Buyer Inventory
8)  Setting A Higher Standard As A Broker
9)  Some Ways to Think Outside the Box
10)  Putting This Into Action
       and much, much more!

Program Date:  September 6, 2019
Program Day:  Friday
Program Time:  noon- 2 p.m.
Program Location:  Grand Junction Hotel
Program Tuition:  $30 per person
To register:   720-229-7484

This program is available nationally for real estate companies and boards.  Sponsorship is also available through mortgage and title companies.