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President/Founder of Excellence, Incorporated, Matt is an international speaker/trainer/coach with 38 years of speaking and training experience.  He is the author of many of our one day training programs, The "Achieve More Now" two-day "no limits" program, and CDs and DVDs.

Matt is a therapist by training.  He received a Ph.D. in Counseling from the University of Colorado in 1979.  Since graduation, he has shared presentations with thousands of individuals in over 90 U.S. and Canadian cities, as well as Curacao in the Dutch Antilles.

Sample audiences have included many Fortune 500 Companies, government agencies, hospitals, Chambers of Commerce, sales groups and teams, Associations, real estate boards and companies, mortgage and title companies, MLM audiences, cruise ships . . .  .  Audiences like Matt because he is non-hype and content driven.  He is available for local, national, and international presentations.  He currently has 100+ speaking leads: local, national and international. 

In addition to being a speaker for 38+ years, Matt is an independent  residential real estate broker in the Denver area.  He has 25+  years of experience.


1.  "How to Develop and Maintain An Attitude of Success".  Shared over 1,000 times!   How we create our thinking, understanding what "success" means, and how  to keep your attitude up in spite of adversity.  This program has been running  continuously on Denver cable for over 20 years!

2.  "Strategic Achievement".   Seven steps to achieving more with your life, including tips for controlling your thoughts and feelings, goal clarity and career insights, tips for managing time, and how to have better relationships with others.

3.  "10 Tips for Keeping an Up Attitude in A Down Market".    Perfectly timed  for our current economy.  Tips include identifying who and what affects you, forming a "mastermind" group,  how to increase your people skills, and the importance of exercise and fitness.

4.  "15 Goal Setting Tips and Strategies".    Insights on the importance of written goals, how to identify and implement a goal plan, career interest information, time frames for goals, and much, much more! 

To book Matt, call 720-229-7484


Matt is available for a limited number of coaching sessions.  His three topical coaching areas are:

(1) Life Coaching (you will not find a better or more experienced life coach);
(2) Sales Coaching (sales effectiveness, career advising, managerial skills....); and
(3) Speaking (38+ years of public  speaking experience: every kind of audience imaginable).

Sessions are by telephone with a limited number of face-to-face sessions in Denver.  Start living the life you want now.