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How To Build A Professional Speaking Career

                                      October 25,  2018 [Thursday eve]
                                           Loveland, CO



eer Considered Speaking or Training As A Career?


This program is based on 38+ years of professional speaking/training experience.  The author is active and delivers both keynote speeches and one day training programs monthly. 


Topics Include:

1)  Getting Started
     Identifying Your Topics
     Outlining Your Topics
     Use of A Timeline
     Creating A Business Plan

2)  Identifying Your Targets
     Those You Already Know
     Using Targeted Lists
     Chambers of Commerce and Associations
     Other Networks

3)  Working An Audience
     "Free" Speeches
     How to Create An Income From A Free Speech
     What Else Can You Do With An Audience?
     Creatively Using A Handout

4)  Building A Career
     Getting Past "Free"
     How Far Do You Want to Go?
     Do  You Want to Travel?
     What You Consider Doing This Full Time?
     Time/Lifestyle Considerations

5)  Product Creation
     Taping Considerations
     Other Materials

6)  Seminar/Training Program Creation
     Short Programs (3 hours or less)
     Full Programs (6 hours, all day)
     Testing Your Materials
     Marketing Programs: Public and In-House

    and much, much  more!


Program Date:  October 25, 2108
Program Day: Thursday
Meeting Time:  6:30-9:30 pm

To Register:   www.htb1015.ezregister.com 
For More Information:  720-229-7484

Limited seating for each program 

Tuition is $99 per person.