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May 1 + 8, 2018

Tuesdays   9:00 am-noon [both days]

Special Program Discount:  Normally $169
One Time Discount:  $109




Created and taught by an active Colorado real estate broker, this program covers:




1)  Building Your Pipeline (of Sellers and Buyers)  

2)  Business Planning and Personal Goals

3)  Understanding Yourself:  Motivation and Self-Image

4)  Understanding Others:  Insights from Psychology

5)  Real Estate Time Management

6)  Identifying Your Talents, Skills and Abilities.

 Your instructor has over 25 years of active real estate experience.  He has been up and down and there is no hype in this presentation.   Whether you are building a real state career, or rebuilding one, come experience a tremendously uplifting training program that will change your life forever. 

    $169 per person.  Limited seating.  Doesn't involve CE credits
(this is about your life!)  Registration closes 24 hours
prior to our program.  We DO NOT allow walk-in registrations.
On-Line Registration:  www.fire501.ezregistercom            



For more information or to register, call 720-229-7484.